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A healthy way of living

20 m3/hour; this is the amount of fresh air you need in order to feel comfortable inside your home or office. Smoke...or radon gas can accumulate in badly ventilated rooms. Natural ventilation gives you the opportunity to avoid this and to live in a healthy environment.

A healthy house

A newly built house contains 3000 to 5000 litres of water vapour or within its construction. A well insulated building will accumulate all of this extra water vapour as humidity which can lead to a condensation and moisture buildup inside the building. Natural ventilation can prevent this buildup and therefore guarantee the longevity of your house and the materials used to construct it.

Energy savings

Of course you can ventilate by opening doors and windows but this can lead to a serious waste of energy, an infiltration of insects and draughts plus it increases the risk of burglary. Therefore, ventilation with RENSON® products provides an effective and secure solution.

Need for solar protection

A property with windows and other glazed surfaces facing south allows the occupants to enjoy the beauty of the sun in autumn, winter and spring but in the summer the sun’s rays often become much too powerful for unshaded windows, resulting in overheating and problems with glare. External sun shades help prevent the amount of solar gain and the amount of light entering the building so that the internal environment can be made more comfortable. External solar protection not only provides these benefits but it also ensures that the outside view is maintained.

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