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Raised Access Floor

Nesite is the brand of reference in the raised floor sector. Being in the field for 50 years, Nesite stands out for its innovative design, its perfect engineering and Italian manufacturing. Nesite’s objective has always been to offer innovative, elegant and technically exemplary solutions, joined with high performance and flexibility. Those features make Nesite raised floors a clear reference in the panorama of its specific sector. Nesite, the most innovative Italian company of raised floors.

The best in the field of raised floors. Where high performance, safety and elevated aesthetical value become one. That is the creation by Nesite, the Italian company that brought raised floors to the maximum level of creativity and technology. Just as a water-lily hides and host an intricate and confusing life form under water, so Nesite raised floors hide every type of system that makes modern buildings functional, offering a perfect modularity together with the most prestigious finishes.

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