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Knauf Heradesign Panels

This is what sustainable acoustics look like. The high quality wood wool acoustic solutions open up an almost infinite variety of designs and make an essential contribution to creating ecological, liveable rooms.

Acoustics and design with a clear "green conscience".

The acoustic ambience of a room is one of the most important factors that affect the well-being and mood of people, even when they don't consciously perceive it.

The Knauf AMF product brand HERADESIGN® stands for acousticdecorative products and system solutions, based on wood-wool with a timeless character and a variety of design options. The noble "warm" character of the wood-wool structure makes the products unmistakeable. Decades of developing our expertise and the traditional roots of the brand have resulted in outstanding acoustic solutions that promote well-being, concentration and performance in a sustainable way.

For the production of wood wool-acoustic tiles, only natural raw materials are used, whose functional and biological properties positively influence the room ambience and climate.

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